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Web Applications For Very Specific Needs.

There are many niches that need specific tools, and can benefit from web based robust software.

Enjoy the productivity of software that's built exactly to solve your problem.

What are we working on?


NiftySchool is our language school administration software.

You can manage student attendance, classes, registers, documents, payments and much more.

It's tailored to small to medium language schools, and it's used across three different continents.



Our mission

We want create fantastic online software for niche markets.

We want our customers to forget when they needed an IT guy to install and update their software.

We want to show the world that there's a cheaper and more pragmatic way to get things done.

We're hiring

If you are a talented individual who can market and sell services online, contact us!

We are currently looking for great people who can help us expand our business.